Thanks Bob for initially your quick response to my order. I’m Really pleased with the book, it was well packaged and in better condition than I thought; it looks practically new apart from the slightest yellowing at the top edge which I quite like. The delivery was speedy too, arriving on the third day of ordering. Liked your personal note too, it gave it a personal touch which is appreciated. One query though, I wonder if these signed copy books i buy of Anne Tyler - as I have the ‘clock Dance ‘ too of the same publisher- are the actual hand written signatures or if they are printed on, as they are signed in black , its hard to tell. I think they must be printed as I know publishers do this. Anyway, I'm aiming to collect all her best signed books , in particular’Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant’ , ‘Breathing Lessons’ and ‘Saint Maybe’. Either by her English or American first print publishers. So maybe you can let me know if any pass through your hands. Anyway, I’m very pleased with this order and condition of the book. Thanks Bob!! Warmly, Mike – Please feel free to comment further regarding your purchase

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